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ENG: Engineering Ingeniería Informática S.p.A

Engineering Group is the Digital Transformation Company, leader in Italy and expanding its global footprint, with around 12,000 associates and with over 60 offices. The Engineering Group, consisting of over 20 companies in 12 countries, has been supporting the continuous evolution of companies and organizations for more than 40 years, thanks to a deep understanding of business processes in all market segments, fully leveraging the opportunities offered by advanced digital technologies and proprietary solutions. It integrates best-of-breed market solutions, managed services, and continues to expand its expertise through M&As and partnerships with leading technology players. The Group strongly invests both in innovation, through its R&I division, and in human capital, with the internal IT & Management Academy. Engineering is a key player in the creation of digital ecosystems that bridge the gap between different markets, while developing composable solutions that ultimately foster a continuous Business transformation.


NTUA: National Technical University of Athens

The National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) is the oldest, most prestigious and most competitive academic institute in Greece. NTUA will participate in the project through its lab EPU-NTUA (Decision Support System Laboratory). EPU-NTUA is a multidisciplinary scientific unit within the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, which conducts research and development, scientific / technical support and training activities addressing a wide range of complex research and application problems. Operating for more than 25 years, the lab has acquired international experience in the following sectors: Energy and Environmental Policy, Information Technology and Decision Support Systems with a specialization in e-Business and e-Government, Interoperability, Management Information Systems, Program & Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Training and Human Resources Development, Information Dissemination and Promotion.


CARTIF: Technology Centre

CARTIF is a horizontal, private and non-profit Research Institution, whose main mission is providing innovative solutions to the industry to enhance their processes, systems and products, improving their competitiveness and creating new business opportunities. CARTIF develops R&D projects financed by private companies or through public funds obtained from competitive calls at national and international level. CARTIF also supports public entities (city councils, regional governments…) on high impact projects planning and development. CARTIF is a multidisciplinary centre that works in multiple knowledge fields focused to many economic sectors: energy, food, industry, construction and infrastructures, health and environment, addressing research lines oriented to the main societal challenges, as industry 4.0, smart grids, smart cities, energy efficiency, cultural heritage, quality of life, circular economy, natural resources and biotechnology. CARTIF has an analytical testing laboratory the offers analysis services to the centre and to other companies by means of a wide offer that includes 3D digitalization, biomass characterization, food biotechnology and material nanotechnology.


Universitá MARCHE
UNIVPM: Universita Politecnica Delle Marche

Università Politecnica delle Marche (UNIVPM) is a mid-size academic center ranking high among the Italian universities, including 5 Faculties: Engineering, Medicine and Surgery, Economy, Science and Agriculture. The Department of Industrial Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (DIISM) will participate in the project with the Mechanical and Thermal Measurement Group (MTM). Main areas of research relate to the development and application of new sensors and sensor network, experimental techniques for clinical and biomedical use, indoor environmental and structural monitoring, non-destructive measurement and testing, and design and development of embedded systems.


EDP NEW: Centre for New Energy Technologies

EDP Centre for New Energy Technologies (EDP NEW) is a subsidiary of the EDP Group with the mission to create value through collaborative Research and Development in the energy sector. EDP NEW is entirely committed to R&D with a strong focus in technology demonstration projects. Among other areas, EDP NEW is very active in the topics of smart energy systems, smart cities and buildings, renewable energy, storage and flexibility and digitalization. EDP NEW has carried out work in several EU H2020 and Horizon Europe in all the energy value chain, adopting an integrated and sustainable approach towards disruptive solutions that empower its partners and bring value to the shareholders.



With expertise covering more than a hundred years of experience, Veolia group is the global leader in optimized resources management, designing and implementing water, waste and energy solutions in three complementary business activities that work together to create synergies that contribute to the sustainable development of communities and industries, under the circular economy concept. Veolia is a partner to cities, for which it is reinventing the approach to traditional markets and to industry, for which it provides customized solutions covering all requirements, whatever the business sector, increasing their efficiency from an environmental, economic, and social standpoint. Veolia provides efficient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly environmental services for public and private customers around the world. For instance, the Veolia group supplied 95 million people with drinking water and 62 million people with wastewater service, produced nearly 43 million megawatt hours of energy and converted 47 million metric tons of waste into new materials and energy.


HERON: Iron Thermoilektriki Anonymi Etaireia

HERON is a Group of companies engaged in the production, supply and trade of electricity and natural gas. The Group is one of the few vertically integrated undertakings in the sector, having been the first private Group to operate in the Greek liberalized electricity market. HERON owns and successfully operates two gas-fired power plants in the grater area of Thiva, with a total installed capacity of approximately 600 MW. The first power plant was constructed in 2004, being the first private power plant in Greece, and the second, a combined cycle power plant, was constructed in 2009.  HERON Group is a member of the GEK TERNA Group, a leader in energy production from both conventional and renewable (RES) sources in Greece and abroad, with 1 GW RES assets in operation in Greece and 1.3 GW in advanced stages development.  Furthermore, GEK TERNA has a 50% stake in a joint venture for a 877 MW H-class CCGT plant in Greece, expected to begin operation early 2024.

HERON’s plants operate using state-of-the-art technology and in line with market needs, providing in this way substantial support to Greece’s security of supply. On the supply side, HERON is the largest independent electricity retailer in Greece, owning an ever-increasing household customer portfolio, together with a historical legacy of an extended B2B clientele. In addition, HERON supplies Natural Gas to more than 15k retail clients, having identified strong growth potential and synergies between its electricity and NG supply business interests.

Finally, HERON’s dedicated R&D department supports the Group in relative activities and is directly involved with 8 H2020 – HORIZON EUROPE (InterConnect, DECIDE, iFLEX, BIGG, DigiBUILD, I-NERGY, InEExS, DEDALUS) projects and 1 National/EU co-funded research project, carrying research on smart home automation, demand response, energy metering and e-mobility.


Partner FOCCHI

Focchi S.p.A. is now a leading company with specific know-how in high technological building envelopes. We are engaged in the full cladding process from design, manufacture, delivery and site installation. The key element of Focchi’s success is the technical knowledge resulting from 30 years’ experience in the technical design of building envelopes. The profiles used for the construction are developed by our Research and Development Department, which dedicates attention to developing the design and to producing the prototype for testing, thus always achieving consistently high quality of both performance and product innovation.  The Technical Department relies on a large team of experienced project managers, site managers, engineers and surveyors dedicated to each project. Focchi has a dedicated Innovation department which researches new growth opportunities. In particular it is involved in the digitalization of building envelope integrating Internet of thing and artificial intelligence for the energy efficiency and human wellbeing.


Partner FOCCHI
FVH: Forum Virium Helsinki Oy

Forum Virium Helsinki Oy (FVH) is a non-profit enterprise owned by the City of Helsinki and founded in 2005. As part of the City of Helsinki Group, FVH is an innovation unit playing a key role in developing and implementing the Smart City and Open City strategies of the City of Helsinki. Helsinki has been recognised as one of the top six smart cities in Europe in the 2014 European Parliament study “Mapping the European Smart Cities”. Helsinki is among the ten fastest growing metropolitan areas in Europe. FVH implements the Helsinki smart city strategy in the new urban development projects, coordinating the development of the Kalasatama Smart City District and other initiatives.


IASI: Municipul IASI
SITTA: Research SRL
EDF: Electricite De France

The EDF Group, one of the leaders in the energy market in Europe, is an integrated energy company active in all the businesses: production, transport, distribution, energy selling and trading. The Group is the leading electricity producer in Europe. In France, it has mainly nuclear and hydraulic production facilities where 91% of the electricity output involves no CO2 emissions. EDF operates 1,200,000 km of low and medium voltage overhead and underground electricity lines and around 100,000 km of high and very high voltage networks. The Group is involved in supplying energy and services to more than 40 million customers around the world, including more than 28 million in France. The Group generated consolidated sales of € 84.5 billion and net income from ordinary operations of € 5.1 billion in 2021.

Involved in the DigiBUILD project, EDF R&D supports the EDF Group’s business lines and subsidiaries in three ways:

  • Improving the EDF Group’s performance in all of its current ventures and enabling its customers to benefit.
  • Preparing for the energy scenarios of the future by working on disruptive solutions and technologies, including the energy renovation of buildings and associated innovative services.
  • Carrying out research for commissioning bodies outside the group within the framework of partnerships or orders.



Emotion Srl is a charging stations manufacturer and electric mobility services provider. Emotion Srl has developed frontline and reliable solutions in the field of electric mobility, such as several charging station models and its CPO (Charging Point Operator) platform, called SpotLink. Since 2016, Emotion has been participating in European research projects, collaborating with international partners to design solutions in the field of smart grids and smart cities, focusing on IoT, cyber security and distributed ledger technologies.


IEECP: Institute For European Energy And Climate Policy Stichting

The Institute for European Energy and Climate Policy (IEECP) is a non-for-profit, independent research foundation working on climate change mitigation, energy efficiency and renewable energy policy.

IEECP acts as a knowledge-hub sharing pragmatic results as well as innovative ideas providing policymakers, and all private and public decision-makers with impartial expertise and science-based solutions, networking platforms and knowledge to support their work towards a sustainable future.

IEECP works closely with EU institutions, international organisations, national governments, think-tanks, NGOs, academics and participates in many projects (Intelligent Energy Europe, FP7 programme and Horizon 2020), as partner or coordinator, on topics such as climate policies, energy poverty, innovative financing, building renovation, energy audits, the efficiency first principle, industry efficiency, multiple benefits, energy efficiency obligations and more.

IEECP’s expertise lies in producing science-based outputs for energy and climate policy through engaging stakeholders, evaluating policies, drafting policy syntheses and recommendations, analysing data and statistics as well as developing tools, libraries, capacity building and learning programmes.



CWare is a research and consultancy organisation with expertise within circular economic modelling, resource efficiency, environmental policies, economic feasibility, sustainable business models, market exploitation strategies, co-creation processes in projects and initiatives supporting the transition to a circular and sustainable economy. CWare’s activities within EU research projects has led to a start-up activity: URBAN TREE, providing cities and citizens with sustainable solutions to greening urban spaces.


EHP: Euroheat & Power

Euroheat & Power (EHP) is the international network for district energy, promoting sustainable heating and cooling in Europe and beyond. It is a non-for-profit association headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, which unites the district energy sector. EHP members come from over thirty countries around the globe and include national district heating and cooling associations, utilities operating district energy systems, industrial associations and companies, manufacturers, universities, research institutes and consultancies active in the sector. Set up under the umbrella of EHP, DHC+ Platform, the European hub for research & innovation in district heating and cooling, is a strong group of stakeholders from academia, research, business, and industry committed to move to a sustainable energy system. Through DHC+ Platform, EHP is engaged in a diverse portfolio of EU-funded projects contributing to an efficient and sustainable energy system, disseminates the research outcomes and advocates for district energy innovation in Europe.


UCL: University College London

UCL was established in 1826 to open education in England for the first time to students of any race, class or religion. UCL is ranked eighth in the world’s top ten universities by the QS World University Rankings (2023), and the Bartlett, UCL’s faculty of the built environment, is ranked #3 in the world in 2022. The DigiBuild project will be based in the Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering (IEDE), which is part of The Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and Resources (BSEER). The IEDE Smart Buildings and Digital Engineering (SBDE) group is involved in DigiBUILD. The group performs world-leading research in energy and information modelling, with a view towards maximising the value that can be extracted from data for the most effective building design and operation. The group has a long track record in research and contributions to developing platforms and tools to exploit built environment data.


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