An initiative of openDBL project, this webinar brought together three Horizon Europe projects that work on digitalisation of buildings through data, monitoring and services.

At the event titled “Building Tomorrow: Navigating the Future with VR BIM-Driven Digitalization” José L. Hernandez from CARTIF represented DigiBUILD.

Here’s a brief overview of the insightful discussions and key highlights:

Daniele Magrì (openDBL) introduced the webinar, highlighting the importance of VR BIM methodologies in shaping the future of construction practices.  Angelina Katsifaraki (CHRONICLE) shared valuable insights into the innovative CHRONICLE project, explaining its objectives and contributions to the industry. Samy Iousef (CHRONICLE) discussed how to leverage BIM and Internet of Things (IoT) for Smart Readiness in construction projects. Michele Allori (openDBL) explained the crucial role of Virtual Reality in BIM and discussed its advantages for the construction landscape. Mario Caputi (openDBL) emphasized key milestones in the digitalization of real estate, focusing on the importance of creating BIM models.

José L. Hernandez, CARTIF, provided an overview of the DigiBUILD Project, including its pilots and use cases aimed at enhancing building potential through digital innovations. He emphasized on the SRI calculation methodology and the SRI results from the project pilots.

Watch the recording here: Youtube