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Sep 23 2024


All Day

Data-Driven Smart Buildings

This workshop brings together four EU-funded innovation projects: DigiBUILD, MODERATE, BuildON and DEDALUS, which present and discuss their achievements on two adjacent topics: data models & interoperability and data-driven services. The session is divided into three parts. The first part of the workshop delves into the integration of ontological frameworks to enhance the quality and interoperability of building data across heterogeneous systems. The second part explores the integration of advanced technologies in building management systems, leveraging data analytics, machine learning, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices to optimise energy consumption and enhance occupant comfort. In the third part, a panel discussion focuses on the future of Data-Smart Buildings. Project representatives exchange views and discuss how their projects contribute to this future.

Part A – Topic: Data Models and Interoperability

Building data enrichment and interoperability through data model ontologies represent a pivotal advancement in the field of smart building management. By structuring building data according to standardized ontologies, disparate datasets can be seamlessly integrated, enabling more comprehensive analysis and decision-making.

This first part explores the practical applications of ontological approaches in various domains of building management including energy efficiency optimisation, predictive maintenance, and occupant comfort enhancement. By leveraging ontologies, building operators and stakeholders can gain deeper insights into building performance, identify optimisation opportunities, and make more informed decisions to enhance both operational efficiency and occupant satisfaction.

Case studies and examples demonstrate how ontologies bridge the gap between different data sources and systems, fostering interoperability and enabling novel applications in smart building ecosystems.

Part B – Topic: Services for Advanced Energy Efficiency

Smart data-driven services are revolutionizing the energy efficiency of buildings, ushering in a new era of sustainability and cost-effectiveness. By collecting and analysing real-time data on various building parameters such as temperature, occupancy, and energy usage patterns, these services enable intelligent decision-making for efficient resource utilization.

In this part, the projects will highlight the key components and benefits of smart data-driven services in advancing energy efficiency goals, including reduced operational costs, lower carbon emissions, and improved occupant satisfaction.

The results will include successful implementations of smart services in real-world building environments, demonstrating their transformative potential in shaping the future of sustainable building design and management. By leveraging data and advanced analytics, buildings can become intelligent, adaptive ecosystems that prioritize both environmental sustainability and occupant well-being.


Part A. Data-driven Smart Buildings: Data Models and Interoperability (60min)

  1. BuildON: Semantics-driven architecture to deliver portable control applications – Flavia de Andrade, UCL
  2. Dedalus: DEDALUS Ontology: Demand response and flexibility modelling for interoperability – José L. Hernández, CARTIF
  3. DigiBUILD: Information management for data-driven smart building applications – Dimitrios Rovas, UCL
  4. MODERATE: Machine-learning techniques for increasing building data quality and interoperability- Daniele Antonucci, EURAC

Part B. Data-driven Smart Buildings: Services for Advanced Energy Efficiency (90min – incl. one break)

  1. BuildON: AI-based analytics and control services to monitor, assess, predict and optimise building performance – Sofía Mulero, CARTIF
  2. Dedalus: Utilizing Social Sciences Framework for New Service Development in Advanced Energy-Efficient Buildings – Christine Gritsch, Blueprint Energy Solutions
  3. Dedalus: AI-driven energy services for enhancing demand response mechanisms and flexibility provision – Elissaios Sarmas NTUA
  4. DigiBUILD: District heating energy management system for smart building energy use – José L. Hernández, CARTIF
  5. DigiBUILD: Enhancing Building management through services for better-informed decision making – Stathis Stamatopoulos, NTUA
  6. MODERATE: Leveraging shared knowledge to boost data-driven workflows – Cristian Pozza, EURAC

Part C. Panel Discussion (30min)

Panel on the future of Data-Smart Buildings: Project representatives exchanging on their visions and how their projects are helping make this a reality. Discussion moderated by Diego Arnone, ENG

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More information here: https://www.sustainableplaces.eu/