On Tuesday 30 May DigiBUILD held a Special Session at the 2023 IEEE International Workshop on Metrology for living environment. The special session focused on the transition towards the digital built environment with a focus on high-quality measurements to deliver data-driven services.

University Politecnica delle Marche (UNIVPM) was a co-organiser of the workshop and as such a co-host of the session. Apart from UNIVPM, partners from CARTIF, ENGINEERING and NTUA participated and presented their recent research related to the DigiBUILD project:

  • From silos to open, federated and enriched Data Lakes for smart building data Management
  • Development of a Methodology to Define Data-Driven and Measurement-Based Services for the Built Environment
  • Towards Digital Twins of buildings and smart energy networks: Current and future trends
  • Recent advances on data-driven services for smart energy systems optimization and pro-active management

The sibling project Moderate participated as an invited guest with a presentation. The session closed with a round table of discussion .

  • The above-mentioned presentations correspond to scientific papers that will be available on our website as soon as they are published.