The 2nd Technical workshop of the DigiBUILD was held online on 5 March and focused on the digital services developed by the project partners with a regard to user engagement and social acceptance.  on the revolutionary digitalisation of the built environment to improve energy efficiency, comfort, and well-being. 

The session presents how users will interact with the new services developed across nine pilot demonstrations. A comprehensive overview of the user-friendly service interfaces is showcased, emphasizing the importance of user satisfaction in this digital transition. The workshop covers almost all major aspects of the DigiBUILD project and in particular the Federated and Enriched Data Lake, the data-driven services and the Digital Twin.


  • Brief Introduction to the DigiBUILD project – Vittoria Cipollone, UNIVPM
  • Towards a Data Space for building stock data: Federated and enriched data lake – José L. Hernández, CARTIF
  • DigiBUILD AI-based data-driven services for the built environment – Elissaios Sarmas, NTUA
    • AI-based service for finer grained energy profiling and forecasting – Daniela Stoian, NTUA
    • Optimal management in district heating networks – Andrea Natalini, ENG
    • Data-driven energy and non-energy services for enhanced comfort and people’s well-being – Vittoria Cipollone, UNIVPM
    • Energy efficiency financing and policymaking – Dimitria Tzani, IEECP
    • Efficient and climate-resilient buildings – Stathis Stamatopoulos, NTUA
  • Digital Twins and cloud-based DigiBUILD data toolbox – Marilena Lazzaro, ENG
  • User engagement and social acceptance – Nina Costa, CWARE

The survey at the end of the workshop intends to examine social acceptance of Digital Twins and Artificial Intelligence, acknowledging its significance in the successful implementation of the DigiBUILD digital services. Participate in the survey and share your opinion here:

The recording of the workshop is available here: